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Dr. Jamil Al Jamali

Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

My name is Jamil Al Jamali and I am board certified plastic surgeon with full training in plastic surgery in Germany and United Kingdom dot. I had the training of almost 10 years in all field of plastic surgery both in aesthetic and the reconstructive surgery. before being a plastic surgeon I had also and extensive training in the field of general surgery for about seven years both in Egypt and United Kingdom. such long year of experience with tough training in both general surgery and plastic surgery , I got more confidence to work with the most difficult cases in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.


Biography & Experience


During this 25 years of training and practice  , I can manage effectively most of the cases of aesthetic surgery of the face like facelift and rhinoplasty and difficult aesthetic eyelid surgery.


I can also effectively handle all cases of body contouring surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck and dealing with post weight loss surgeries to give the patient the best results with the best skills.


in the field of breast surgery I can manage booth breast augmentations and reductions and breast lift using the most advanced technology and safety in such field. breast reconstruction after cancer surgeries is also one of my talents to provide the cancer cases with the best reconstructive methods to create natural looking breasts.

In the field of reconstructive surgery , I’m dealing with all types of reconstructive procedures for skin cancers and chronic wounds and burns due to my long experience in such fields iniibig university centers in Germany and United Kingdom.

I’m practicing in Dubai since 10 years with a good reputation trying to give my clients the best skills in communication in an honest way and the best approach to understand the process of each procedure in a clear and detailed way.

Ask Dubai is well known to be one of the esthetic surgery hubs all over the world , I gained a lot of experiences in the field of non invasive aesthetic procedures like Botox and fillers and all face aesthetic rejuvenation methods using the most advanced technologies in the world

In the field of charity for the plastic surgery I love to donate my skills for children with cleft lips and palate deformities in a trial to satisfy myself as a plastic surgeon to contribute for serving such group of kids that needs support to help them to speak normally and to have a lovely facial features.

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