Acute Hand Injuries

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Dr. Jamil Al Jamali

Acute Hand Injuries

Top Acute Hand Injuries in Dubai

Dr Jamil Al Jamali specialises in the treatment of acute hand injuries or hand trauma, which typically include injuries to the tendons, nerves, joints and blood vessels; fractured bones; burns, lacerations, amputated fingers and other injuries to the skin.

If you have suffered or are suffering from a hand-related injury, then it is important you seek medical attention. The potential for permanent injuries increases greatly when medical attention is delayed.

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Leading Acute Hand Injury Rehabilitation – Get Back to Your Daily Life

If you’ve suffered a hand injury, you know how difficult it can be to resume a normal life. Pain, swelling, and limited movement can make it hard to perform everyday tasks. When you’re looking for relief, you need a team of experts you can trust.

At Jamil Aesthetics, we provide comprehensive treatment for acute hand injuries. We understand that no two hand-injury cases are the same, which is why we are committed to providing personalized care and treatments for your unique needs.

 Our Hand Injury Treatment Services

  • Diagnostic services, including X-rays and other imaging.
  • Physical therapy to help you regain strength and mobility. 
  • Non-surgical treatments, such as splinting and injections.
  • Surgical treatments, including tendon repair and joint replacement.

At our clinic we understand that recovering from a hand injury can be a difficult and emotional experience. That’s why our team provides compassionate care and support during every step of your recovery. We are committed to helping you reach your goals and get back to the activities you enjoy.

If you’ve suffered a hand injury, don’t wait. Contact Jamil Aesthetic today to schedule a consultation and get the expert medical care you need.

Hand Pain: Your Worst Enemy? But we can Fix!

It’s no secret that hand pain can be a major obstacle in your everyday life. Whether it’s caused by an accident, medical condition, or even age, hand pain can be debilitating and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. From typing on a keyboard to cooking dinner, hand pain can make even the simplest tasks impossible.

At Jamil Aesthetic, we understand the struggles that come with hand pain. We understand the importance of returning to daily activities as soon as possible and strive to achieve that goal for all our patients.

If you are suffering from an acute hand injury, don’t wait any longer.

Contact Jamil Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment. Our experienced team will help you get back to the activities you enjoy and live a pain-free life.

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