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Fillers Dubai

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Fillers or Dermal Fillers Dubai help to restore plumpness, firmness, and volume to the skin by removing signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and others.

Derma Fillers


As we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, volume, and laxity and shows inevitable signs of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin, hollow cheeks, and many other signs of aging not only affect one’s appearance but also can become a cause of low confidence, self-consciousness, and self-esteem issues as nobody wants to look and feel old and aged. If you are struggling with skin aging, then Fillers Dubai are the perfect solution for you.

What Are Fillers?

Fillers Dubai or Dermal Fillers are a minimally invasive treatment that reduces the signs of aging and helps to restore younger-looking skin. Dermal fillers add volume to the face through injections. 

These injections may contain an array of materials such as autologous fat, calcium hydroxyapatite, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and polylactic acid. Of these, autologous fat and hyaluronic acid are the most popular because they deliver the most natural-looking results. Of these, if autologous fat is not available, hyaluronic is the overwhelming favorite filler. This is because it is naturally present in the lower layers of skin. Therefore, it is very safe and has no immunogenic potential. It is also naturally degraded by the body’s processes over time.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Fillers?

  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth (smile and frown lines), around the forehead, and around the eyes (Crow’s feet).
  • Hollow cheeks and overall loss of volume in the face
  • Acne, injury, scars, and depressions
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Thin lips and fine lines around lips
  • Under-eye bags and folds
  • Marionette lines (The line extending from lip to chin)

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Jamil Al Jamali?

Dr. Jamil Al Jamali gives the utmost importance to the consultation as it is the step where you understand the procedure, all the aspects of it, and analyze your comfort level with the doctor and his/her staff. During the consultation, Dr. Jamil will guide you through the whole process with all the details and will discuss different procedures, the suitable procedure for you, preparation for the surgery, and recovery process, helping you make an informed decision. Dr. Jamil will also discuss and understand your reasons for getting surgery and help you have realistic goals and expectations from the surgery.

During the consultation, you should prepare yourself for a physical examination and to discuss your medical history, previous surgeries, drug allergies, medical conditions, and other such topics concerning your health. Dr. Jamil also urges his patients to ask questions and queries to resolve any doubts they may have regarding the surgery, procedure, risks involved, results as his utmost priority lies in the safety and satisfaction of his patients.

How To Prepare For Fillers Treatment?

You should prepare yourself to discuss your medical history, allergies, and other such topics with Dr. Jamilto avoid any complications during the course of treatment. 

  • There are no tests required as it is a minimally invasive treatment and can be administered easily.
  • Pictures may be taken to analyze the results and for comparison purposes.

How Fillers Is Administered?

The required site/sites are cleansed and markings are made. As it is a minimally invasive treatment, anesthesia is not required. However, in some cases, the application of topical anesthesia may be required.

  • Fillers Dubai are an injectable treatment; hence, the pain is minimal. Thin and fine needles are used to inject fillers. Fillers are injected precisely as to not harm the underlying structure and nerves.
  • The amount varies from patient to patient as per their needs and requirements. The entire process may take from 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

What Are The Risks Associated With Fillers Treatment?

  • Bruising and redness at the site
  • Change in muscle sensation
  • Chances of infection
  • Undesirable results

Please note that all these risks or complications are uncommon and will not occur in one patient. Dr. Jamil Al Jamali takes utmost care while performing any kind of treatment to avoid the occurrence of any risks and complications


Where will I perform the procedure?

Joint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by offering education, publications, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification. It is the recognized global leader in healthcare accreditation with the highest standards built on maximum safety and minimum risk.

There are a couple of hospital options that I affiliated with, which accredited by JCI. I will perform your surgery at either one of the distinguished, cutting edge hospitals in Dubai. You may opt for one during the consultation.

How Is Recovery After Fillers Treatment?

You will be able to see immediate results post-treatment. It is advisable to use an ice pack or cold compress to calm down the swelling and redness. Since it is a low downtime treatment, the swelling and redness will completely subside in a week. Dr. Jamil Al Jamali will provide specific instructions regarding the usage of headgears, other accessories, and makeup.

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